Innovative Behavioural intervention

At ClickTell we have a track record in implementing successful innovative behavioural interventions in disparate fields ranging from the environment to healthcare. In doing so we utilise our consultants' in-depth knowledge of behavioural psychology and persuasion principles coupled with other evidence-based behavioural models.

According to a recent study [PDF] on reducing energy use, simple non-expensive innovative interventions reduced energy demand by 1.8% on average, with the effectiveness of individual programs ranging from 0.9% to 2.9%. The study, which followed 750,000 homes in six US states, offered home energy reports containing information about energy usage and, importantly, comparing that data to neighbours' usage.

“To get a sense of the magnitude of these effects, a simple extrapolation of the savings rate suggests that reducing residential electricity usage across the United States by 1.8% would save over 26,000 GWh of electricity, reduce greenhouse gas emissions by roughly 8.9 million metric tons of carbon dioxide per year – equal to the emissions from three 500-MW coal-fired power plants – and save households just over $3 billion dollars per year on their electric bills.”

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