Watch out Oxford & Cambridge: A new disruptive innovation in University Education?

If empires come and go, once big corporations disappear into the abyss, why should universities of today be here tomorrow?

At ClickTell we truly love innovative and disruptive ideas. Although the majority of conventional universities do a good job in providing their basic task of educating, we see very little timely and sustainable innovation directly coming out of the majority of the world universities.

Ironically some of the most successful global companies such as Google, Facebook and Microsoft were founded by university drop outs.

Yesterday, a number of leading academics (including Niall Ferguson) announced plans to set up a private university college in London, UK. The New College of the Humanities (NCH) where courses will cost (£18,000/year) twice as much as mainstream English universities, will offer one to one tutorials and the students will be taught by top British and American academics.

In addition to its core modules NCH will also teach modules  in logic and critical thinking, science and financial literacy. This is a step in the right direction. However, in its current form NCH suffers from a general widespread failing in university education: That of not getting the right mix and the right balance of science, logic, psychology, humanities and arts subject and cross fertilising them to develop courses fit for the needs of today’s challenging world.

Indeed, a world faced with challenges which can no longer be addressed by merely a “vertical” thinking approach, but instead a world which requires a thinking and doing network of interlinked “horizontal” and “vertical” approaches.

In addition, we would do well by shifting the balance by bringing in more science and engineering students and exposing them to the world of management, humanities, psychology and such like rather than continuing with the reverse.

Professor Grayling, master of the NCH said, “If we are to discover and inspire the next generation of lawyers, journalists, financiers, politicians, civil servants, writers, artists and teachers, we need to educate to the highest standards and with imagination, breadth and depth."

But the world no longer just revolves around lawyers, journalists, financiers and politicians. Professor Grayling makes absolutely no mention of scientists or engineers. Granted he is referring to a college of humanities. But in our opinion we can only claim to offer a truly wholesome innovative education when we have addressed the issues raised above.

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Oxford_Freshers said...

We are a couple of Oxford Freshers reading PPE and got to your blog via India Lenon’s post in the Telegraph:

Although we are not that familiar with science and engineering we accept that whether right or wrong as citizens of the world, science, technology and engineering are fully integrated into our lives & there is at least a perception that we can not do without this.

It is a frightening thought that the majority of our leaders have very little knowledge of science and technology. For these reasons amongst others we find your post inspiring. Do you have any case studies/working models?

ClickTell Consulting said...

We appreciate your support !
Yes, we do have a number of models developed by our researchers and consultants.
Please leave your contact details on our website (see URL below) so that the Education Section can get in touch with more details.

ClickTell Blog Team.

EduNerd said...

Now that's a sort of decent view you dont hear in all these academic meetings one goes to. Folks you should be in charge of the WORLD Ministry of Education. You have my vote. An aged academic who has seen it all.

Unknown said...

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