Puma puts a value on it’s environmental impact

ClickTell applauds Puma, for this week publishing a comprehensive economic valuation caused by greenhouse gas emission and water consumption along its entire supply chain.

For some time now, at ClickTell we have held the view  that in the not  too distant future all businesses will eventually have to account for their use of natural resources. This prediction is heavily influenced by data pertaining to severe & unpredictable weather patterns, continuous increase in the world population, shortages, regulations, price increases and geopolitical instability.

In 2008 ClickTell published a white paper entitled, “Towards a Global Low Carbon Economy: The Role of the Wine Industry”.  The following is a short excerpt from the report which was commissioned by a major wine producer:

“While, apart from the environmental impact, currently the production and distribution of wine may be without economic consequences – this situation is most likely to change in the very near future…..The exercise of appropriately responding to the CO2 challenge will most definitely re-write some of the existing business models and practices in addition to highlighting new business opportunities along the supply chain.”

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