Did Angela Merkel heed ClickTell’s warning?

In our 27th May Tweet regarding Google’s decision to locate one of its data centre’s at a Finish coast  – we asked whether in the wake of Fukushima  it was astute to locate even a data centre at the seaside, let alone a nuclear power station.

 Today Germany’s coalition government announced  the closure of nuclear power plants by 2022. Following the crisis at Fukushima in Japan, Chancellor Angela Merkel set up a panel to review nuclear power.

Nuclear power generates a quarter of Germany’s electricity. Therefore, unless this announcement is followed by successful deployment of other sources of energy, it would be hugely damaging to Germany’s industry and economy.

However, given that Germany has already made huge investments in renewable energy this decision will most likely put Germany well ahead of the game in such a way that it will boost her economy and perhaps more importantly avoid the faintest possibility of any devastating disaster of a nature that can be linked to nuclear power.

Germany has shown extraordinary courage and leadership in taking this difficult decision.

During his recent speech to the UK Parliament, president Obama said “.. The world is at a pivotal moment….The time for our leadership is now.”

Well, there you have it, Europe’s largest economy has just walked the talk and led the world in an area so fundamentally crucial to the existence of mankind.

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Sebastian07 said...

Or did the Germans just ruined their economy?